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Knee Replacement Surgery Mexico

Leading Knee Replacement Surgeon in Mexico

Knee Replacement Surgery in Mexico with Dr. Oscar Mendoza

Knee Replacement Surgery in Mexico is dedicated…

  • To less pain, superior results, and a successful knee replacement surgery recovery
  • To affordable, cost effective options for orthopedic surgery abroad
  • To helping you understand the benefits and potential risks of knee surgery
  • To the Midvastus approach for Total Knee Replacement surgery

Contemplating knee replacement surgery, for any individual of any age, can be a fearsome experience. We are here to help you understand the appropriate expectations for your recovery period, as well making empowered decisions about knee replacement surgery in Mexico.  It is our intention to make your knee replacement experience as informative and pleasant as possible.

Premier Knee Replacement Surgeon in Mexico

At the renowned Puerto de Hierro Hospital in Guadalajara, our steadfast approach exemplifies treating our patients with compassion and respect, with an overwhelming obligation to providing innovative, effective, and technologically advanced surgical treatment types for your knees.

As an international leader in the field of knee replacement, Dr. Oscar Mendoza is uniquely qualified in his experience with minimally invasive techniques for total knee replacements Mexico, unicompartmental replacement Mexico, as well as revision knee replacement surgery Mexico. He is one of the best surgeons in the world employing computer-aided assistance during knee replacement surgery and he continues to be at the forefront of knee replacement progresses.

Mid-Vastus Approach to Knee Replacement Surgery in Mexico

One of the most significant and perplexing steps to knee replacement surgery in Mexico is defined by the correct approach and precise incisions.

Our cutting-edge approach to knee replacement in Mexico is associated with rapid functional recovery and significant improvements in the range of motion. Our surgeon, Dr. Oscar Mendoza performs total knee replacement using the Mid-Vastus approach safely and delivers excellent proven results in modern orthopedics.

Affordable Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in Mexico

The cost of knee replacement surgery varies from patient to patient. Treatment costs are associated with diverse patient ages, gender, conditions and necessary implants. Knee replacement Mexico delivers affordable costs without compromising on the quality and dedication to your surgery needs. Increasingly, patients from the US and UK are recognizing the inexpensive costs of knee replacement surgery in Mexico and escaping the drastic surgery costs at home.

The affordable cost of our knee replacement surgery delivers you the highest superiority of surgery, most advanced implants, progressive techniques and tailored services.

Travel to Mexico for Knee Replacement Surgery

No matter what your passion in life, we are here to get you back in the game. With access to the latest advances and riveting therapies, knee replacement surgery in Mexico delivers you the best options for treating knee injuries and disease and delivers committed medical services for those seeking medical care abroad.

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Knee Replacement Surgery Mexico

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