Stress Fractures


One of the most common injuries during athletic activities is a stress fracture Mexico. Overcoming an injury like a stress fracture can be challenging, but overall achieved with the proper preparation and management with our elite team in Mexico.

A stress fracture is generally an “overuse” injury. It occurs when muscles become fatigued and are unable to absorb added shock. During sports activities, we tend to push ourselves beyond the limits of our bodies. Eventually, the fatigued muscle overload with stress to the bone causing a tiny crack called a stress fracture.

Most stress fractures occur in the weight bearing bones of the lower leg and the foot. More than 50% of stress fractures occur in the lower leg.

Cause of Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are often caused by increasing the amount or intensity of an activity too promptly. When you are met with unfamiliar surfaces, unsuitable equipment and amplified physical stress it can lead to stress fractures.

Symptoms of Stress Fractures

Symptoms of stress fractures include pain during activity, however pain subsides with rest.

Treatment of Stress Fractures

The key to the treatment of stress fractures is to disengage from the activity that caused the stress fracture and allow 6 to 8 weeks for proper healing.

If the activity that caused the stress fracture is recommenced too quickly, larger fractures can progress. Re-injury also leads to lingering issues where the stress fracture will never heal.

Our surgeon, Dr. Oscar Mendoza, may endorse that you wear shoe inserts or braces to help these injuries heal.

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