Tips for a Successful Knee Replacement Surgery


As a new patient of Dr. Oscar Mendoza, we want you to completely prepared and comfortable with the process of knee replacement surgery in Mexico. Knee replacement surgery is both a mental and emotional provision.

Education is the key in the preparation for a successful knee replacement surgery. Ask questions and become familiar with all instructions that are given to you by our surgeon, nurses and specialists.

Being proactive can lead to a successful outcome, both before and after surgery.

Dr. Oscar Mendoza’s Tips for After Surgery Success

  • Avoiding repetitive heavy lifting
  • Avoiding excessive stair climbing
  • Maintain suitable weight and lifestyle
  • Avoid sports such as jogging, aerobics and other high impact activities
  • Thinking before you make any motion with your knee
  • Avoiding physical activities involving stop-start motion or twisting
  • Avoiding excessive bending
  • Do not lift or push heavy objects
  • Do not kneel

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