Deep Vein Thrombosis


Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Mexico is a blood clot in the leg or thigh that can form as a result of immobile blood flow, coagulation or damage to veins.

DVT of the leg and pelvis are common after orthopedic surgery. The risk of developing a blood clot depends on several factors including the type of knee replacement surgery, underlying medical issues, medications you previously have taken, as well as other factors.

Medication to Lower the Risk of Blood Clots

If the risk of developing a blood clot is diagnosed by your doctor, we may start you on blood thinning medication after your surgery. This is typical following joint replacement surgery such as total knee replacement and total hip replacement surgery.

Other modalities used to decrease the risk of blood clot formation include compression stockings to and pumps to stimulate blood flow through the veins.

DVT and Traveling for Knee Replacement Surgery

If you are traveling from the US or UK for knee replacement surgery with Dr. Oscar Mendoza, we will take the essential steps to avoid blood clotting complications due to excessive hours in the air after traveling.

After flying long distances, patients are typically immobilized for a long period of time causing blood to accumulate in the legs. Also, the dryness of airline environments can also lead to blood clots because of dehydration.

Simple measures can increase the presence of surgical success by our team of elite surgeons and staff members.

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