Cemented and Cementless Knee Replacement


During knee replacement surgery, the ligaments and surface joints are interchanged by new artificial implants. Two types of fixations are employed to hold these implants or components in their new home.

Cemented fixation uses fast-curing bone cement, while Cementless fixation relies on bone growing into the surface of the implant for secureness.

Cemented Knee Replacement

Typically knee replacement surgery in Mexico is executed with cemented fixations. Dr. Oscar Mendoza and his dedicated team use cemented fixations for the longevity and performance measures.

Cemented fixation relies on a stable interface between the prosthesis and the cement as well as a solid mechanical bond between the cement and the bone.

Cementless Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery may introduce implants that are intended to attach directly to bone without the use of cement. These implants have a surface topography that is conducive to attracting new bone growth.

Most are textured or coated so that the new bone actually grows into the surface of the implant and may use screws to stabilize the implant until bone growth occurs.

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