Knee Replacement Implants in Mexico


There are various types of knee replacement implants available today in the field of knee replacement surgery, including partial, rotating, custom and gender specific.

Dr. Oscar Mendoza and his elite team members are committed to helping you find the right fit for your knee replacement surgery in Mexico.

Partial Knee Replacements

There are two different types of partial knee replacements, including fixed bearing and mobile bearing replacements.

Fixed Bearing—tibial plastic insert is located to the tibial bone and does not allow movement of the bearing surface.

Mobile Bearing—fixed metal component on the tibial and femoral regions of the leg; and plastic insert which allows for mobile articulation.

Rotating Knee Replacements

The rotating knee implant acts the same as a hinge, representing a back and forth motion, but also allows for movement inward and outwards. The rotating implant is designed to best represent the normal functions of a twisting knee.

Gender Specific Knee Replacements

Gender Specific knee replacements are tailored to meet the specific outline of both female and male patients. The implants are calibrated to the specific detailed dimensions and are closely representative of a normal bone profile.

Gender specific knee implants are designed to find the perfect fit in size and shape. These implants are most suitable to the meet the needs of female patients. The smaller designed implant offers a narrower implant that accommodates the female structure.

Custom Knee Replacements

Custom knee replacement gives the exact replication of your own knee’s alignment and structure. With the aid of computer-assisted scans and x-rays, direct measurements and size are taken for a precise fit.

Custom knee replacements are precise to within several tenths of a millimeter as compared to a traditional implant.

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