Midvastus Approach to Total Knee Replacement

Knee replacements are approached using various  surgical techniques. Total knee replacement involves complete exposure of the knee joint and while most orthopedic effortlessly participate in the medial parapatellar approach, the Mid-Vastus approach is the advaced measure chosen by Dr. Oscar Mendoza. The mid-vastus approach is a pioneering method that necessitates technical mastery.

The mid-vastus approach centers around the muscle layer, in which the incision turns away from the center of the knee and evades cutting into the quadriceps tendon. Minimally invasive tools are introduced to simplify a smaller operative window.

This cutting-edge approach has gained valuable attributes to knee replacement surgery over the anterior and subvastus approaches, with its high-tech meditation and access and is rewarding for both our surgeon, Dr. Oscar Mendoza and the patients overall success.

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